Are you looking to spice up your normal workout routine with something different and exciting? Give hot yoga a try! Hot yoga offers real fitness that delivers real results to meet your goals.

Here are 4 tips for beginners at real hot yoga to get the most out of their hot yoga classes:

1.     Give yourself time to adjust

Hot yoga is different from regular yoga. Acclimating yourself to the heat takes time and it’s likely that you won’t be fully adjusted to it until you’re a few classes in. Allow yourself time to adjust to working out in a new environment.

2.     Sweating is good!

Sweating is good for your body, especially in a hot yoga class. Sweat prevents the body from overheating in one of our classes. The humidity and temperature in our classes is adjusted to just the right number to keep you from getting dehydrated or overheating.

3.     Drink plenty of water

Drinking water before, during, and after your class is crucial to keep from getting dehydrated.

4.     Know when you need to rest

You know your body best. If you feel like to need to rest at any time during the class, child’s pose is always an option. It’s okay to take your time and go a little slower to get adjusted and learn the poses in the class. Safety is our top priority, and you are never forced to try anything you don’t feel ready for.