A Group of People in Black Training Outfit During the Real Hot Yoga Class


Please browse through our frequently asked questions to find answers to any of your questions relating to real hot yoga.

Bring your yoga mat, a towel, water, and an open mind. We also sell water and rent towels at the front desk if you forget yours. We do have a few yoga mats for rental but we highly recommend buying your own mat either before you come to class or from the studio (we sell mats specifically designed and engineered for hot yoga.)

Don’t worry! Most of our classes are open to all levels, so work at your own pace and progress to new levels when you are ready. Always listen to your body! Take child’s pose or another position that feels comfortable when you need to rest.

Even a single class will have benefits. However the more you practice the more benefits you will see. Aim for a minimum of 2 times per week especially if you are beginning a yoga practice. But listen to your body and make a commitment to give your body what it needs. It is safe to practice yoga on a daily basis and we have many regular clients who practice 4-5 times per week.

Yoga offers many physical, mental and emotional benefits including:

Physical benefits: Increased energy, flexibility, muscle tone and athletic performance; decreased back pain; easier weight loss/weight management; improved blood circulation, cardiovascular endurance, and immune system.

Mental benefits: better focus; more restful deep sleep; calm quiet mind, reduced stress.

Emotional Benefits: confidence; more positive self body image; better overall mood.

Hot yoga offers all of the same benefits of any regular yoga practice. In addition, our state-of-the-art heated studio allows for a deeper, safer stretch; opens the pores to allow toxins in the skin to be released with sweat; prevents injury by lubricating the joints; increases the heart rate for a better cardiovascular workout (increased blood flow, circulation, and metabolism).

Yoga apparel tends to be more form-fitting and is ideal because the tighter fit allows the instructor to check your alignment in the poses. However, most comfortable workout clothing will do. Be prepared to sweat so choose moisture wicking fabrics. Consider bringing a change of clothes for afterwards. Note: for our Real Hot 25/Real Hot 17 classes, less is more – shorts and a tank will be more comfortable than long pants or long sleeves.

“warm” is our studio base temperature at around 85˚
“hot” averages 95˚
“real hot” averages 105˚; descriptions on the class schedule will include class length and temperature.

Absolutely! Yoga can improve your golf, basketball, tennis, or any other game. It’s quite common for left and right sides of the body to be out of sync with flexibility and strength. Regular yoga practice helps to bring the body into better balance, reducing chance of injury and increasing your competitive edge, and can actually improve your performance. Score!

You may! Every body is unique. However, losing weight involves these 2 factors: Caloric intake and calories burned. Many of our classes increase your heart rate and burn calories. Combined with healthy eating habits, weight loss and/or easier weight management are definitely achievable with yoga. We recommend our Real Hot 17 & Real Hot 25 classes if weight loss is one of your primary goals.


Nobody is flexible when they start yoga! That’s the reason to do it! With regular practice your flexibility will quickly improve. No two bodies are alike so don’t worry if your pose doesn’t look like the person’s next to you. There are modifications for most poses so there are several “correct” ways to do them. Always listen to your body, it’s the best teacher – yoga may be challenging at times but should never be painful!

Men can and will experience the same benefits as women with regular yoga practice. Women tend to be slightly more flexible than men. So that’s all the more reason for men to practice! The more muscular the individual the more yoga is needed to balance the body.

Once you establish a yoga practice, you can safely and enjoyably practice at any age. If you’re a mature beginner, discuss it with your doctor and let us recommendations classes that are suitable for you.

Some classes like Yin yoga can be slow and focus on stretching. However, most of our classes are dynamic fast-paced, challenging workouts. You’ll love our power and hot power classes and tone and sculpt classes. Even in the most “gentle” class, don’t be surprised to discover muscles you never knew you had!

Even if you stretch pre- or post-workout, you are usually just stretching the muscles in the same direction in which they will be exercising. Yoga goes beyond simple stretching by working the muscles and joints through all ranges of motion–activating the little-used muscles that support the primary movers.

Relax! While you may find yourself making healthier choices over time, there are no restrictions like that. One of the key philosophies with yoga is non-judgment. The choice of what to eat or drink yours!