Class in Progress at Real Hot Yoga Studio With People Exercising on Yellow Mats

Policies to Help your Practice

Our studio policies may vary from yoga studios you’ve visited before. Or if you’ve never been to a yoga studio – welcome to our Real Hot Yoga community! We’re so glad you’re here to expand your yoga practice with us! The below studio policies have been curated to help you make the most of your experience at Real Hot Yoga. Please take a few moments to review.

Class Attendance

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of class. If we are reserved as full, have a waitlist, and have standby clients in the studio, we will begin giving away spaces 5 minutes before class starts so we can still start on time.

If you are running a few minutes late, call the studio and we will not give up your spot in class.

Should a class you’re interested in be full, we welcome you to join our waitlist and standby in the studio before class should a spot become available.

For your safety, no one will be allowed to enter class more than 5 minutes late. So please allow plenty of transit and parking time.

Please note: for 5:30 or 6am classes, our front door will be locked 5 minutes after class begins.

Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policies vary depending on if you’re referencing cancelling a scheduled yoga class or one of our ongoing workshops. Please review both policies below.


  • Please cancel any classes you will not be able to attend at least 2 HOURS prior to the start of (most) classes. Most of our studios also require cancellation by 10pm the night before any 5:30 or 6am class.
  • Late cancellations may result in a no-show fee.
  • No-show fees (by membership type):
    • Auto-renew Members: $15 fee charged to card on file
    • Intro Clients: $15 fee charged to card on file, if we do not have a card on file, 5 days will be subtracted from your 30 days
    • Class Cards and drop-ins: will be debited one class as if you’d attended
    • You can cancel your class on the Real Hot Yoga app or via the website. If you have any trouble cancelling, please call the studio. If the studio is closed please leave a message.
  • **Please note that our cancellation policy is year-round and not just during our busiest months. It is best to get into the habit of cancelling since busy periods will fluctuate throughout the year.
  • You can cancel your class on the Real Hot Yoga app or via the website. Having a hard time cancelling? Call the studio

Holiday classes:

  • Because of high demand and limited space, the deadline to cancel any holiday class is 12 hours before the start of class.

Workshops/special events

  • Deadline to cancel any special event (workshop or holiday class) is 24 hours before the start of class.
  • Please note there are no refunds for no shows or cancellations inside 24 hours.

Auto-renew Memberships

Our best pricing for those practicing a minimum of 7 times per month!  Minimal commitment, after your first month, you may cancel at anytime with 30 days notice in writing. Email your local studio or submit through the contact us page. Please note: we ALWAYS reply with confirmation within 48 hours. If you don’t hear back from us, we did not receive your email.
Please note:

  • Auto-renew contracts do not have a set end date, contract automatically renews until you cancel.
  • 30-days notice in writing (email is fine) is required to cancel.
  • Auto-renew memberships require a valid credit card.
  • More than one failed auto-pay will result in a $15 fee.

Auto-renew Membership Freeze Policy:

Our auto-renewing membership saves you 30% or more vs buying one month at a time. We offer this savings because we know that some months you practice more often than others. Some months you might get in 20 times, other months might be 10, or 5, and there may even be a month where you only get in once or twice… if your average visits per months comes out to 7 or more, this is still your best pricing option as far as per class pricing. Therefore, there’s very little need to freeze or suspend a monthly auto-renew membership.

However, we know that health issues come up, medical procedures, etc that may have you out more than a couple weeks. We do offer ONE free membership freeze each calendar year for up to 3 months, no open-ended freezes will be allowed. If you are feeling the need to freeze more than once per year, you might consider one of our class packs that offer extreme flexibility and can be used over a full year before they expire.

If you do need to freeze your account:

  • To freeze a membership, you must submit the request via email to your local studio at least 10 days before your next payment. We need the date you want to start the freeze and the day to reactivate it. We do not accommodate open-ended membership freezes.
  • You can only freeze your membership once in a calendar year for up to 3 months. College students who live out of state may freeze when they go home for winter and summer breaks, again please provide the start and end dates for the freeze.
  • Your account will automatically reactivate upon the predetermined date, unless you notify Real Hot Yoga for an earlier reactivation date.
  • You cannot cancel your membership while it is frozen.
  • Once unfrozen, cancellations will still require a 30-day notice.
  • A freeze does not apply to any other type of membership or class pack; only monthly auto-renew memberships.

Expiration Policy

The Introductory New Client offer expires 30 days from purchase and it not eligible for a freeze. Class packs expire one year after purchase. Because that’s twice the industry standard of 6 months, no exceptions will be granted.


All class and membership sales are final. You may return merchandise within 7 days if it is unused and still in its original packaging. All sales on clearance items are final.