Unlike some of our beginner or yin classes, Bikram instructors are less likely to demonstrate the yoga positions throughout class. Unlike other classes where instructors may explain the next move, Bikram instructors focus more on narrating your moving meditation rather than instructing it. Think of Bikram as more of a flow and moving meditation rather than a “class”.

What should I keep in mind before attending my first Real Hot Yoga Bikram class?

Showing up early is an essential pro tip. This allows you to be greeted at the front door, take your time storing your belongings in one of our cubes, refill your water, go the restroom, tell the instructor of any injuries you may have, lay out your mat in a part of the yoga studio you feel most comfortable (towards the back seems to be a preference for most beginners which allows you to better watch what those more experienced yogis and shadow their movements) and more.

What should I wear?

Wear light clothing that is breathable / quick to dry is essential. Cotton for example, holds moisture (in this case sweat) so avoid that material if possible. Remember, this is hot yoga so feel free to wear shorts and a sports bra if that makes you the most comfortable!

How should I stay hydrated during class?

Drinking lots of water before class ensures you need less water during class. We recommend drinking up to 8-9 cups of water throughout the day. If you’ve drank that during the day, you don’t need to chug before class but rather will be able to sip as needed. We recommend against chugging water before class because it could result in an upset stomach during class.

When should I eat before class?

Try to eat three hours before your class and NOT the two hours before class. This ensures you won’t get light headed during class while also ensuring you’re not sweating on a full stomach. If you weren’t able to eat lunch and want to eat something in the two hours before class, be sure not to overdue it but rather only have fruit, multigrain bar or something light.

We hope that by answering these common FAQS, you will feel more than prepared for your first Bikram class! We cannot wait to greet you at the door and watch you grow on this new yoga journey! Should you have any questions not answered here, please feel free to ask our Staff any questions outstanding.