Are you looking to try a new style of yoga? Real hot yoga offers a variety of classes, such as vinyasa yoga, ashtanga yoga, tone and sculpt yoga, and yin yoga. We have something for everyone, so we encourage you to join a class today and discover the fun!

What is vinyasa yoga? 

Vinyasa yoga, or flow and power yoga, consists of yoga poses performed with fluid movements controlled by breath. Our instructors bring their own unique spin to vinyasa yoga, allowing you to tone and strengthen your body in a variety of different ways. We bring the “heat” to our classes with our 95 degree controlled hot rooms, which adds an additional way to detox and get your blood pumping in workouts! Our vinyasa classes are offered for both level 1 and level 2 difficulty.

What is tone and sculpt yoga?

Tone and sculpt yoga helps you increase your overall strength and work muscles you may not normally engage. These classes incorporate resistance bands and free weights to help you really work your core! The class will tone and sculpt you, while helping you stretch out with yoga sequences throughout the class.

What is yin yoga? 

Yin yoga is the perfect class for anyone, regardless of difficulty level. Yin yoga targets connective tissues in the body that could be neglected in an asana style of practice. Our heated rooms also allow your muscles to relax faster, leading to a very therapeutic class.

Are you interested in signing up for one of these yoga classes or other various ones that we offer? Click here to view days and times available today! Our classes are designed to help you meet your fitness goals, so come visit us today to get started! We look forward to seeing you at the studio soon.