Yoga Philosophy

This is the area of yoga most often misunderstood. Many people confuse philosophy and religion.  Yoga is not associated with any form of religion.  Yoga actually pre-dates all forms of organized religion. 


The Sanskrit (ancient language of yoga) word for yoga translates as union.  The concept of union is at the core of yoga philosophy.  It is said that the purpose of yoga is to unite us with our spirit, essence, or true nature.  Yoga philosophy cultivates and supports our most basic aspirations like happiness, a sense of peace, and kindness – kindness to ourselves, our bodies, and to others.


Many psychologists say that when we are depressed we are dwelling on the past, if we are anxious we are worrying about the future, if we are at peace we are present in the moment. The physical practice (asanas/poses) of yoga is a means to stay in the present moment.


real hot yoga's philosophy

The practice of yoga offers many physical, mental, and emotional benefits.  At real hot yoga we focus on the many physical benefits including strength, flexibility, injury prevention, sports performance, lower blood pressure, better overall health and weight loss/maintenance. At real hot yoga you’ll get a great workout, work up a sweat, burn a bunch of calories and have a GREAT time doing it!  This physical practice increases awareness of the present moment.  What you do with those moments of presence is up to you.  You are free to discover the other benefits for yourself, which may include stress relief, peace of mind, self-confidence and self-awareness.