Understanding Class Levels

Ultimately you determine whether your practice is relaxing or strenuous by working at your edge in any given class. You are encouraged to rest when you need to and use modifications to either challenge yourself or make a pose more accessible. The class level has more to do with the pace of the class and therefore the amount of detail in the alignment cues when teaching the poses.

Levels for Power Yoga/Flow Classes
Level 1

Recommended for everyone, including beginners. Pace is slow enough to allow our instructors to give beginners detailed alignment cues to find their way into the pose; those more advanced can take advantage of the slightly longer hold times in each pose to “tweak” alignment and deepen their practice.

Level 2
Not intended for beginners. The pace of the class picks up slightly and more challenging poses such as inversions, backbends, and arm balances are introduced and taught (but are always optional). Because of a slightly faster pace, there is less time for instruction so students should already have a basic understanding of the more common poses. 

All Levels
Just like it says, it is for ALL levels. It's a great learning class, with a heavy focus is on alignment that will benefit everyone - from first timers to experienced yogis! Optional, more advanced poses, help to challenge and grow the practice of experienced yogis while giving those just starting some vital "rest" time or begin to learn how to do some new poses. Many of the more advanced poses have stages to them, so everyone can work at the stage they are ready for!

This is not a "learning" class. If you're in this class, you're already expected to know the correct alignment, for your body, of all common yoga poses. Arm balances and inversions are common so prior instruction and practice of these more advanced poses is highly recommended. These are challenging and fun classes that ask you to go deeper into all of your poses - which you absolutely should not do if you aren't already doing the basic version correctly (it's an injury waiting to happen). *** You must have completed at least one Level 2 power yoga class to be allowed in our Intermediate/Advanced classes. We highly recommend that you ask your Level 2 instructor if he/she thinks you are ready for and Intermediate/Advanced class.

Levels for Real Hot 25/21/17
Because these are veering lengths of the same sequence, levels for this class strictly dictate the length of the class. While the heat is a mental challenge more than a physical one, we find some like to start off with a shorter class. Therefore the Real Hot 17 which is only 60 minutes is "level 1", Real Hot 21 at 75 minutes is "all levels", and the Real Hot 25 at 90 minutes in length is "level 2."