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Our second Knoxville location is NOW OPEN in Bearden!

Classes will be labeled either WEST HILLS (this is our original Suburban Plaza/Trader Joe's plaza in West Knoxville) or

BEARDEN (this is our new satellite studio inside Bullman's at 4589 Kingston Pike/in the Western Plaza "down under" shops behind/below Fresh Market)

11 Reasons to Start or Maintain a Hot Yoga Practice in Summer

Better acclimatize to the outside temps. Practicing hot yoga in the summer helps our bodies become more adapted to sweating and to temperature extremes. This makes you less sensitive to hot summer temps and allows you to better enjoy your favorite outdoor sports – even in the sweltering summer heat! It also works the other way around too. When there’s less variance between the outdoor temp and studio temp your workout may feel a little easier since you’re already warmed up when you come in.


Prevent injuries and increase performance in summer sports. Summer in east Tennessee is great for biking, hiking, and trail running – but all of these shorten your connective tissue and tighten your hip flexors.  Maintaining yoga throughout summer will keep you injury free and able to participate in your favorite summer sports longer. Yoga also increases your range of motion so your golf and tennis games will thank you!


Consistency is KEY. Your practice likely grew over the colder months. But like anything else, if you don’t use it, you lose it! The benefits of hot yoga are the same all year long so don’t let missing class in the summer put a damper on all the hard work you did all winter!


Take your practice to the next level. In summer we tend to have lighter appetites. Without that “full feeling” you may experience in winter, you can get deeper into your postures and reach new goals.


Detoxify through sweat. Unlike winter where we tend to hibernate, summer is full of parties and barbeques. Nothing makes you feel lighter and cleaner after overindulging like a hot class when you are dripping in sweat by the end.


Stay hydrated. Most hot yoga students know the importance of drinking lots of water – even off the mat. Practicing in summer encourages you to drink lots of water on and off the mat to stay better hydrated throughout the day. Drinking more water will help you lose weight, get healthy looking skin and help you regulate your body temperature out in the summer heat.


Keep a calm and steady mind. Hot yoga offers us a consistent way to get back to our center. Summer can get busy and a little crazy. Yoga gives us time to slow down. With a regular practice we can better keep our cool within all the action and feel better balance in our lives so we can glide through all that summer fun!


Take advantage of your summer schedule. Students and those who work in a profession where your summer schedule is lighter or more flexile can take advantage of extra free time. Dedicate a little extra time to your practice and maybe you’ll be able to finally nail that handstand, arm balance, splits, full wheel, etc.


Taking time for you is a gift to your family. It can be harder to get to class when the kids are out of school. But you still need to take care of you! When you give to yourself, you in turn can be more present and give more to others. Remember, if your kids are old enough to entertain themselves with a book or tablet for 60-75 minutes while you practice in the next room, bring them along!


Burn more calories than most other activities. Our real hot classes burn more calories in 60, 75 or 90 minutes than just about any other activity so you’ll look great and feel more comfortable in your skin – not to mention your swimsuit – all summer long.


Stay inspired. Our Real Hot Yoga community is full of vibrant, creative, passionate people. Surround yourself with that kind of like-minded energy on a regular basis and anything is possible!

Real Hot Yoga is sure to improve your life in a variety of ways. Our yoga studio has classes for beginners, power yogis, stress, relief, fat burning and more! No matter what your goal or intention – we are sure to have a class for you! Join our supportive yogi community and attend a class today!


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