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Our second Knoxville location is NOW OPEN in Bearden!

Classes will be labeled either WEST HILLS (this is our original Suburban Plaza/Trader Joe's plaza in West Knoxville) or

BEARDEN (this is our new satellite studio inside Bullman's at 4589 Kingston Pike/in the Western Plaza "down under" shops behind/below Fresh Market)

Balance over (March) Madness

Every New Year we make a list of resolutions we hope to achieve: to start going to the gym every day; to start a new diet; to cut out alcohol; sugar; or social media. One thing we often neglect is that this January pace of the New Year was never meant to be long term.


By the time February arrives, the general population has found themselves falling off the wagon. Frustrated, many regretfully return to old habits and routines.


Finally, by March, people start to give up completely. Concluding that they set their resolutions too high or that their goals weren’t compatible with their lifestyle. Ultimately deciding to just take it as a loss and try again next year.. or maybe the year after that.  


We search for this same sense of equilibrium when we walk on to our yoga mat. It is on our mat that our practice often finds us working towards balance. If you lean too far forward (January), or if you lean too far back (February), you are sure to lose your footing. It is only when we merge both momentums (March) that we find a solid foundation.


It is now, in this month of March, that you have the opportunity to combine the dedication of January with the real life of February. Only when merged can we find something realistic and sustainable.


Our team at Real Hot Yoga invites you to join us as we strive for balance: balance between body and mind; between new goals and the comfort of the past; and in our everyday lives.  Whether you are interested in fat burning yoga, yoga for stress relief, yoga for beginners, or recovery yoga; we are sure to have just the class for you. Check out our Real Hot Yoga classes and join our yoga community as we encourage one another to choose balance over (march) madness!


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